A downloadable game for Windows

Everything will be destroyed by the snow in an hour, you find yourself trying to escape this storm with your friend, William.

However, not everything is as it seems...



Plays like a classic, point n click adventure game.

Completion time: 5-10 minutes


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Install instructions

Just extract the .rar and run the game


The Watchtower.rar 14 MB

Development log


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The key won’t open the box, so I’m unable to complete the recording 

When you use the key on the box, you should get the winter cclothing, are you not getting it?


Alright, I will look into this and hopefully fix it. I will release a patch or something.

Its weird though, I tested this game multiple times and never encountered a bug like this, oh well what can you do.

Ok, I have updated the game. This should solve your problem. For a full list of changes, you can check the devlog.

Let me know if the update solved it for you.